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Abraham Avi Lebenthal

Pleural Mesothelioma , Thoracic Surgeon

For those looking for a great physician, Dr. Abraham Avi Lebenthal recently came back to practicing medicine in Boston after he had spent over three years practicing in Philadelphia. Dr. Lebenthal split his time working between the Brigham and Women's Hospital and VA Boston. He looks for new challenges that could help people in both of the places.

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Striving to Be the Best

Dr. Abraham Lebenthal strives to be the best in his field. He is a thoracic surgeon specialized in treating lung cancer and mesothelioma. He also treats cancer of the esophagus and stomach.

Dr. Lebenthal spent four years achieving this specialization with a clinical fellowship. He has trained others in thoracic surgery, as well as advanced laparoscopy and therapeutic endoscopy.

Message of Hope

Dr. Abraham Lebenthal has learned that the only things that limit you are your own expectations.

A Surgeon with Military Experience

Dr. Lebenthal was educated at Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem, the premier medical school in Israel. After graduation, Dr. Abraham Avi Lebenthal began his service with the military, where he served as a battalion physician for the Israeli army. While in the army, Dr. Lebenthal gained invaluable experience working for an elite infantry unit.

From Battalion Physician to Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Lebenthal first became interested in treating mesothelioma during his military service. He was impacted by the fact that an estimated 30 percent of patients with mesothelioma have served in the United States army.

When he was a young man, Dr. Lebenthal aspired to become an elite fighter pilot, but the military rejected his application because he was missing parts of two fingers of his left hand. From that day forward, he learned that the only things that limit you are your own expectations. Dr. Lebenthal has gone on to treat countless individuals with asbestos-related cancers.

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