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Dr. Marta Batus

Oncology Specialist , Oncology Specialist

As a doctor, Marta Batus has seen how lung cancer can be an uphill battle for a lot of people. She has made herself available as a doctor who will be there for her patients. In addition, she wants them to know that they can count on her whenever they need her. Waging war against this heartbreaking disease is the first step, and the sooner you get into treatment, the better. This reduces the risk that it will spread. Dr. Batus uses an approach with a soft heart and utilizing some of the most powerful technological weapons of today.

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Commitment to Her Patients

Dr. Marta Batus remains ever-committed to her patients, whom she treats like family. She works hard not only to help patients who are struggling, but also to help their families cope.

A Message of Hope

Dr. Marta Batus works to ensure that her patients receive the best treatment for  mesothelioma, a rare disease due to exposure to asbestos.

A Medical Oncologist

Dr. Batus works as a medical oncologist, and she also serves as an assistant professor of oncology. She has done extensive research on mesothelioma because she wants to ensure that her patients receive the best care while battling this rare disease due to exposure to asbestos.

Many Achievements

Over the course of Dr. Batus’s career, she has enjoyed many achievements. in her clinical practice and research. She has been a guiding light for her patients with mesothelioma.

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