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Michele Carbone

Anatomic Pathology , Director of Thoracic Oncology

Dr. Michele Carbone became the director of thoracic oncology for the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, and he remains a talented and dedicated pathologist who comes with a unique perspective when it comes to deadly cancers. In fact, an estimated 3,000 Americans get diagnosed with this dangerous disease every year. Dr. Carbone has never been idle, and in fact, he has studied this disease in some of the smaller villages in Cappadocia, which is a remote region in Turkey. Unfortunately, people still die at alarming rates in this area because of mesothelioma. The incidents could be traced back to erionite, which is a naturally occurring asbestos mineral that has often been used for the purpose of construction.

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The Same Mineral Used in North Dakota

Asbestos is prevalent within the Killdeer Mountains of North Dakota. It is used in the western part of the state to pave miles of driveways, roads, and parking lots. While there have, allegedly, been no cases of asbestos-related cancer reported in the area, Dr. Michele Carbone’s studies prompted the EPA to increase detection of asbestos-related diseases and to call for a cutback in asbestos mining.

Message of Hope

Dr. Michele Carbone’s number one goal is to improve mesothelioma care.

Making a Big Difference

Dr. Michele Carbone’s number one goal is to improve mesothelioma care. His team of researchers in Hawaii studies how an individual’s genes predispose them to the disease. This team of dedicated researchers has worked incredibly hard to receive more than half of the federal funding available to study and treat this devastating disease.

Dr. Carbone’s research builds upon his experience as a pathologist when he studied the pathogenesis of mesothelioma. Throughout his career, Dr. Carbone has made a significant impact on the care of mesothelioma, making him an excellent physician to consult on the matter for oneself or a loved one.

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