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Dr. Petr F. Hausner

Mesothelioma Specialist , Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Petr Hausner, the chief of oncology and hematology at the Baltimore veteran's hospital, has helped an increasing number of veterans who have come down with mesothelioma because of asbestos. This disease happens after exposure to the mineral. At one time, it was a popular choice in construction materials and shipyards because of how it was fire resistant and heat resistant. Dr. Hausner has also helped to treat patients with this disease at the University of Maryland because of how it has a special department for these types of ailments.

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Dr. Petr Hausner was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. His parents were survivors of the Holocaust. He earned his M.D. from First School of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. There, he also completed his internal medicine residency, his oncology fellowship, and his Ph.D. in immunology. He completed an additional oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

He currently practices at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center. His special areas of interest include thoracic oncology and gastrointestinal oncology, including asbestos-related cancers affecting these regions.

A Message of Hope

Dr. Petr Hausner has contributed to a growing body of research on mesothelioma.

Slow but Steady Progress

Research advancements in the treatment of mesothelioma have been slow but steady. Dr. Hausner has helped contribute to this growing body of research. He is a prolific researcher and has published more than 96 papers and 130 abstracts.

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