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OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Portland, Oregon, is home to the Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute, which has committed itself to the health of the all of its patients. Its unique ability to treat such a wide variety of ailments and cancers has established its reputation as one of the best cancer treatment facilities in the United States. It is also a leader in health science academia.

As one of the most well-rounded cancer facilities, the institute has been the location of many scientific breakthroughs, such as the effective use of the drug imatinib. Prostate cancer treatment options have also received the benefit of the center’s painstaking research. Although lung cancer is of specific specialty, many uncommon illnesses are also treated.

All patients receive only the highest multidisciplinary care from a team of specialized medical professionals. As lung cancer is the most fatal form of cancer, it is treated with bold and compassionate action.

The cooperative efforts of a diverse team that includes oncologists, nurses, surgeons, and social works, among other, provide the most efficient means for each patient’s personalized treatment plan. In the state of Oregon, there is no other location that provides a team specialized in the coordinated care and treatment of lung cancer.

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