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Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center

Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center

Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center is the focal point of all research programs in Manhattan.

With superb patient care, the National Cancer Institute has acknowledged the HICCC as one of the only comprehensive cancer centers in the nation for over 25 years. Patients at HICCC receive personalized care by a team of internationally acclaimed specialists with the collective goal of providing each individual with the proper treatment plan for their specific ailments or diseases. HICCC’s collaboration with New-York

Presbyterian Hospital has created a rich set of resources to assist patients in healing process emotionally and physically after intensive procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy. Over 3,450 cancer patients are treated at the hospital annually.

Patients are treated in the HICCC at the Mesothelioma Center within the New York-Presbyterian Hospital or Columbia University Medical Center. The Mesothelioma Center focuses on patients with pleural or peritoneal illnesses and honorably provide the highest level of therapy and cutting edge diagnosis of diseases. The Center currently cares for approximately 100 patients that have been recently afflicted.

The Mesothelioma Center’s success is based around the experience and knowledge of its exceptional medical personnel, particularly Dr. Robert Taub, director of the program as well as medical hematologist and oncologist. Taub has a keen speciality in the research, diagnosis and care of mesothelioma, currently leading the research in three different clinical trials in the treatment of cancer at the HICCC. The areas of his research include the effectiveness of a wide variety of chemotherapeutic drugs and unresectable mesothelioma.

Dr. Igor Matushansky, within the Division of Oncology at Columbia University, is a physician with world class expertise in asbestos cancer.

Traditional methods of cancer treatment are offered for our patients as well, as the research center is the most experienced and largest in the country for radiation therapy. As such, administration of treatment takes multiple forms based on the affliction of each patient. These forms include brachytherapy, which is often used for its unique ability to destroy cancer cells while not harming healthy ones. External beam radiation therapy is also offered at the center.

HICCC is one of the nations leader in clinical studies and research, receiving more than $90 million in funding for cancer research. The research team, consisting of over 190 physicians and laboratory assistants, greatly influence the effectiveness of the numerous treatment plans offered to patients.

U.S. News and World Report’s 2011 Best Hospitals Honor Roll ranks New York-Presbyterian Hospital as the 6th best in the United States.

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