When undergoing treatment for mesothelioma, it is crucial to pay careful attention to drug interactions. These interactions may occur between drugs you take for mesothelioma and medicines and supplements you take for other conditions or are considering taking for mesothelioma. 

How to Work With Your Treatment Team to Avoid Harmful Mesothelioma Drug Interactions 

To avoid drug interactions that could make your mesothelioma treatments less effective or could even cause harm to your health, it is vital that you discuss every medication and supplement you take with your mesothelioma treatment team. Often, individuals with mesothelioma will search for supplements and herbs to try to improve the effectiveness and side effects of their mesothelioma drug treatments. In this case as well, be sure to discuss the supplements and herbs you are considering taking with your treatment team to protect your health. It is especially important to discuss your full medications and supplements list with your treatment team if you are a senior citizen. Due to their generally worse organ function and health status, senior citizens have a higher risk of experiencing adverse drug interactions. 

How Your Treatment Team Can Help You Further to Avoid Mesothelioma Drug Interactions 

Your treatment team will be familiar with which drugs, supplements, and even foods can interact poorly with your mesothelioma drugs. If you present your team with a supplement or food that they are unfamiliar with, they have access to the best natural medicines databases where they can find out for you if it would be safe and beneficial to your health to continue consuming that supplement or food. Your doctors will also consult with pharmacists on your team on the best ways for you to take your medications and supplements to avoid drug interactions. Often, not enough research has been done to know for sure how a particular supplement could interact with your mesothelioma drugs. In this case, it is best to stop taking the supplement so that your treatment regimen’s effectiveness and your overall health are not compromised. 

Mesothelioma Drug Interactions