Trust Funds for Patients with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma trusts have been established to help patients with mesothelioma caused by  asbestos exposure due to the negligence of companies.

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These funds were mostly created from the bankruptcy of asbestos manufacturers so that victims could seek compensation for their damages even after the companies had dissolved. These funds hold enough money to pay out for future suits as cases start to crop up over time.

These funds also make it easier for victims to file suits through the fund directly instead of having to engage with the company to seek litigation. They are handled entirely through the bankruptcy sector of the courts and handle all sorts of cases, not just mesothelioma, but all asbestos-related illnesses.

If a victim of asbestos-related illness has been affected by multiple companies, they can also file suits against several of them if they have the records to be able to back up your claims. These files will consist of medical records and detailed accounts of the summary of your exposure.

If you’re looking to seek litigation, referring to a skilled and qualified asbestos lawyer can help you get started. They have the tools to get you lists of trusts and can guide you through the process of filing. Though they do handle all asbestos-related illnesses, mesothelioma is the one  most likely to receive the largest amount of compensation.

Who Can Access?

Workers who were exposed to asbestos while on the job.
Consumers who were exposed to products that contained asbestos.
Spouses or family members whose loved one has passed on due to asbestos exposure.

What Can You Receive?

Your potential compensation will depend greatly on the type of illness you’ve contracted due to asbestos exposure as well as what the fund itself has scheduled for payments.

There may also be differences in compensation depending on how the trust is set up as far as percentages of payments go. Mostly, mesothelioma cases will receive the highest compensation, often in the six-figure range.

Steps to File a Trust Fund Claim

You want to make sure before you attempt to file a claim that you meet the criteria to be able to claim compensation from the trust fund. You’ll need to have details of when you were exposed, your diagnosis, and any evidence you have relating to your exposure. So your next job is to collect your supporting evidence.

You’ll need a statement from your physician and their professional diagnosis, proof of the exposure site having asbestos, as well as proof of how you were exposed.

You’ll want to work with an attorney to gather all of the official evidence and then submit the claim online or an official file via mail.

Depending on the severity of your claim you may have an expedited review of your claim or it may take a bit more time while it is individually reviewed. You may run into trouble if the trust has been exhausted, if the statute of limitations has been exceeded, if your state laws prevent it, or if you’re filing more than one claim.

Trust Funds for Patients with Mesothelioma