Healing Systems for Mesothelioma

Healing systems like traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda focus more on the patient as a whole rather than the disease specifically. These healing systems view illness as an imbalance on a deeper level and aim to restore harmony. Different components are employed to restore this balance including energy therapies, herbalism and mind-body therapies. 

The Origins

Pinpointing the origins of these systems can be difficult because they go back so far into history. Ayurvedic texts can be traced back to as far as between 100 B.C. and 100 A.D. Meanwhile, the texts for Chinese medicine date back to the Shang Dynasty between 1400 to 1100 B.C.  While this form of alternative therapy is a complete healing system, patients should consult with a doctor first to ensure safety and that your alternative treatments do not interact with your conventional therapy.

Helped Decrease Tumor Size?

When researchers evaluated healing systems like traditional Chinese medicine, they found that some patients demonstrated decreased tumor size. In addition, patients who incoroprated healing systems experienced improvement in many of the side effects that others commonly experience. Usually, healing systems would be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and diet changes because this combination has demonstrated the greatest impact with helping to fight against cancers of the body. 

The Herbs Used

Traditional Chinese medicine uses 133 herbs to help in treating lung cancer. While some of these herbs work to help with reducing symptoms, others work to help with alleviating some of the side effects of chemotherapy. Healing systems work best in conjunction with conventional forms of treatment and a doctor should always be consulted prior to making any changes to treatment plans.

Find a Licensed Professional

Before beginning, it is important to find a licensed professional to provide the most current and safe results. These healing systems can work best when administered by someone who is knowledgeable and licensed in this field.

Regardless of which healing system is considered, patients should first consult with a doctor to determine if it will work with the current treatment plan in a safe and effective way.