Homeopathy for Mesothelioma

Homeopathy is one of the alternative options for treatment. Using very dilute remedies (rather than “treatments”), homeopaths believe a substance that causes disease can also cure disease in people who have fallen ill.

The theory behind homeopathy is that these treatments help the body by using natural forms and the concept of “like cures like”.

How Does It Work

The goal of homeopathy is to stimulate the body’s natural immunity  by exposing the body to a very dilute form, ideally only one molecule or less. Homeopathy is a natural approach for helping the body. 

Not a Proven Method

Before making any changes to your medications, patients should first speak with a doctor. This method has not been proven as a form of treatment, which means it has not been shown to prevent or slow the growth of cancer. However, it could help with reducing some of the symptoms that patients may experience including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Swelling
  • Moderate healing
  • Coping with pain

In some cases, homeopathy can be helpful after surgery to reduce bruising and swelling. 

What Does This Treatment Involve?

Homeopathy remedies for mesothelioma, a cancer that most often arises from exposure to asbestos, include microdoses of a substance. The goal of using these remedies is to boost a patient’s immune system so that the body will start to fight disease. Homeopathy can be helpful to relieve some of the symptoms that an individual might experience. Homeopaths propose that a patient may get worse at first, but over the long term, the body will have a better response to fight disease off. 

Before you decide to undertake any form of treatment, you should first consult with your doctor to ensure the change in treatment plan will not have a negative impact on any of your other medications.

In some cases, taking an alternative medication can reduce the effectiveness of the chemotherapy or require additional laboratory monitoring.