Mesothelioma Surgery Recovery

Surgery is a common component of treatment for patients with mesothelioma. Surgery recovery time will depend on the procedure and the patient. Typically, recovery time is expected to take between four and eight weeks, but could be as long as one year. Patients can have a long road ahead and anyone who faces this should understand how the aggressive tumors can be especially difficult to recover from.

Multimodal Approach

Mesothelioma can be difficult to treat and as a result, multiple forms of treatment, called a multimodal approach to treatment, are typically incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan.

Increased Complexity

Various factors determine length of surgery and recovery time including the size and location of tumors. While aggressive surgeries tend to be more common with patients diagnosed with early-stage mesothelioma, aggressive surgeries are less likely for those diagnosed with later staged mesothelioma or those with poor baseline health.

What Does the Recovery Look Like?

In most cases, patients should expect to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks after surgery. After being discharged, the process of long term recovery can last much longer. The process of recovery can last anywhere from eight weeks up to a year. 

Upon waking up in the hospital immediately after surgery, patients will notice many intravenous medications and tubes. After this, the patients will usually start to eat and drink. After gaining enough strength, the patient will begin to stand up on their own and walk for a short distance. As the recovery process continues, patients will sometimes return to the hospital for the removal of stitches or staples. After undergoing surgery, it is normal for patients to rest more than usual.

Most often, doctors will recommend multimodal therapy because this treatment plan will usually offer higher chances of long-term survival.