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VA Boston Healthcare System

VA Boston Healthcare System

The VA Boston Healthcare System has established itself as one of the premier Veterans Administration medical programs. This program provides Veterans previously exposed to asbestos with the proper screening and care from world class professionals.

Based on the patients conditions, they may visit the Jamaica Plain division in Boston, the Brockton division or the West Roxbury division.

Collectively, the VA Boston Healthcare System is the largest advanced inpatient care facility in New England. These facilities are complemented by six outpatient clinics residing around Boston.


Boston and Harvard Universities respectively collaborate with the Boston System, among other prestigious medical institutions.

The VA Boston Healthcare System has received praise from the College of American Pathologists, the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and The Joint Commission due to their unparalleled faculty, cutting edge technology, and diligent research.

Research at Boston VA is performed by the collective efforts of over 120 laboratory specialists. Their clinical trials have frequently earned sponsorship from the National Institutes of Health.

The Jamaica Plain campus specializes in the care of mesothelioma patients that are treated through a Boston VA medical center. This center provides some of the most advanced clinics ranging in focus from oncology to surgery.

The VA hospitals in Boston also provide numerous social services, such as counseling, to veterans that are struggling emotionally due to their condition. Palliative care and hospice assistance can be found at the Brockton campus for severely afflicted patients.

Any consultation arriving at the Jamaica Plain campus from more than 49 miles away is offered complementary housing at the Huntington House. Similarly, family members of afflicted patients are offered lodging near their loved ones brought to you by the generosity of the Fisher House Foundation.

Dr. Abraham Lebenthal has established himself as on of the leading thoracic surgeons working in the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Lebenthal’s studied at Harvard Medical School, where his passion for the study and treatment of mesothelioma commenced. Dr. David Sugarbaker, one of the first pleural mesothelioma surgeons, mentored him during his early studies. Dr. Sugarbaker created the International Mesothelioma Program at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, which remains one of Boston VA’s affiliates.

Lebenthal began making a name for himself during his residency at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. His compassion for veterans and their disproportionate affliction with mesothelioma fueled his work.

Unknown to many, Lebethal served, with distinction, in the Israeli military long before his prowess began in the medical world. This is one reason for his extraordinary talent and care when treating his patients. He believes that all veterans deserve to live with only the highest quality of care and benefits.

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