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Alice Boylan

Pulmonary Medicine , Professor of Medicine

Alice Boylan, M.D., helped with an in-depth series back in 2010, which was called, "Dangers in the Dust, Inside the Global Asbestos Trade." This is a direct reference to the carcinogenic asbestos fibers that, once caught in the lungs, are difficult to get rid of and cause scarring and inflammation of the lungs. There was a good reason that Dr. Boylan has established herself as a top authority on diseases like mesothelioma and those related to the pleura. She felt passionate about serving the patients who suffered from this debilitating condition.

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Dr. Boylan’s Career

Dr. Alice Boylan has studied pulmonary disease since the 1980s. She completed her training at Dartmouth Medical Center. During her time there, she learned the ins and outs of her profession.

Dr. Boylan currently serves as Chief of the Acute, Critical, and Trauma Department at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Dr. Boylan has helped patients at MUSC since 1995. There, she also serves as Associate Professor of Medicine. Her medical areas of interest include lung cancer, bronchoscopy, and asbestos-related disease.

Message of Hope

Dr. Alice Boylan can help you navigate your options and find the treatment that best suits your needs.


Dr. Boylan publishes medical research in her field. She wrote a chapter on pleural disease in the book, Breathing in America: Diseases, Progress and Hope, first released in 2010. In this chapter, Dr. Boylan published one of the case studies that she wrote on Steve McQueen, a moviestar who died from mesothelioma in 1980. McQueen had exhausted all his potential options for treatment and even traveled from the United States to Mexico seeking alternative treatments.

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If you would like to contact Dr. Boylan to help you find the treatment that best suits your needs, we can help. The treatment for asbestos-related diseases has improved slowly and steadily since McQueen’s time. There are some promising treatments available. Dr. Alice Boylan can help you navigate your options.

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