About The Doctor

Brian W. Loggie

Surgical Oncology , Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology

From the beginning of Dr. Loggie's career, he helped with developing new cancer treatments that were combined with surgery and heated chemotherapy drugs. What we saw was how the benefits were almost immediate, and the heat made the drugs twice as effective at killing the different types of cancers. Because of this, the procedure has now become used on a wide-scale basis. The last 20 years have contributed to the knowledge that Dr. Brian W Loggie has.

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Working for a Cause

Dr. Brian Loggie currently serves as Professor of Surgery, Division Chief of Surgical Oncology, and Director of the cancer center at Creighton University. He is known for championing important causes.

In 2010 when a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, he led a medical team of nurses and doctors in the region. They tirelessly worked 14-hour shifts for 11 days under harsh and deplorable conditions to help those who were injured. They treated infected and open fractures, repaired orthopedic injuries, and amputated limbs to save many lives.

Message of Hope

Dr. Brian Loggie has helped lead the charge against peritoneal mesothelioma.

Education and Expertise

Dr. Loggie earned his medical degree from McGill University. He completed his general surgery residency at Montreal General Hospital and his thoracic surgery fellowship at the University of Illinois. He has numerous areas of surgical expertise, including peritoneal mesothelioma.

Dr. Loggie’s Focus

Dr. Brian Loggie has contributed to research and co-authored many articles on peritoneal mesothelioma treatment. He has helped lead the charge against this rare form of mesothelioma.

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