About The Doctor

David Sugarbaker

Thoracic Surgeon , Chief of General Thoracic Surgery

David Sugarbaker, M.D., once moved more than 2,000 miles from his beloved mesothelioma program, which he built in the greater Boston area. While he has moved a great distance, Dr. Sugarbaker's commitment has grown much stronger than ever before, and he continues to fight cancer in an ongoing effort. Nowadays, Dr. Sugarbaker acts as the director for the Lung Institute, which can be found at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine.

A Multidisciplinary Program

What separates Dr. David Sugarbaker’s program from the others is how he has built up a multidisciplinary program that uses mesothelioma research in an unparalleled clinical practice. Dr. Sugarbaker has also served as the chief of general thoracic surgery. He has painstakingly built up his reputation over 25 years and developed a great deal of medical experience in that time.


Innovation and Understanding

While Dr. Sugarbaker worked at the hospital, one of his most noteworthy achievements was how he helped refine and develop the extrapleural pneumonectomy, which is an aggressive type of surgery that seeks to eliminate cancerous lung cells by removing the affected lung and linings of the lung, the outer layer of the heart, and the hemidiaphragm.

Dr. Sugarbaker has always done his best to stand out as one of the surgical innovators in the medical industry because one of his ultimate goals is to lower the hospital mortality rate. He wants to help extend his patients’ lives. Another one of his goals has been to find a cure for diseases related to asbestos exposure.

Dr. David Sugarbaker has earned the respect of his colleagues and patients alike. Many of the people who look up to him have traveled across the nation or the globe to participate in some of his groundbreaking work. Dr. Sugarbaker has said that he has taken the opportunity of what he has learned in the medical field and applied it on an even bigger scale to help more patients.


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