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Dr. Joan H Schiller

Medical Oncologist , Medical Oncologist

Dr. Joan H Schiller has held several positions with the University of Texas, and she has also done research that focuses on developing drugs and experimental treatments that could help patients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Some of the modalities were meant for non-small cell lung cancers and small cell lung cancers. She took on an active role in this researched and participated in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of the clinical research. Ultimately, Dr. Schiller's goal was to explore adjuvant chemotherapy.

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Dr. Schiller’s Studies

Some of Dr. Joan Schiller’s studies have been focused on antiangiogenic drugs to control tumor growth. The drugs choke off the blood supply to the tumor so that it cannot grow any bigger.

After Dr. Schiller completed her fellowship in medical oncology, she served as a Melanie Heald Professor for the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Medicine Section of Medical Oncology. She actively helped to treat patients with asbestos-related lung cancer as the head of the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center’s Lung Cancer Program.

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Throughout her career, Dr. Joan Schiller has received awards and honors for her scholarly work and her skill as a doctor.


Dr. Schiller has been very active in medical research, co-authoring her findings in over 200 abstracts, reviews, articles, books, and manuscripts. In one of her books, she provides 100 questions and answers on lung cancer to empower patients while battling the disease.


Throughout her career, Dr. Schiller has received awards and honors for her scholarly work and her skill as a doctor. In fact, she was even listed as one of the Best Doctors in America, and is recommended for her treatment of asbestos-related lung cancer.

When faced with a diagnosis of lung cancer, it is crucial to find the right treatment right away. Contact Dr. Joan Schiller today.

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