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Dr. Mark Ferguson

Thoracic Surgeon , Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Mark Ferguson, a thoracic surgeon who has experience performing minimally invasive surgeries, has also conducted complex reconstructions and resections. He works at the University of Chicago, and he heads the department of thoracic surgeries. Most of the work that Dr. Ferguson does is care for patients with esophageal and lung cancers.

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Dr. Mark Ferguson earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Medicine, where he also completed his general surgery residency and his cardiothoracic surgery fellowship. He currently practices as a thoracic surgeon at the University of Chicago Medicine. Some of his special areas of interest include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and esophageal cancer.

Dr. Ferguson has surgical expertise in 

  • Thorascoscopy

  • VATS lobectomy

  • Robotic surgery

Research and Publishing

Dr. Ferguson has been heavily involved in thoracic surgery research, studying risk analysis, lung resection outcomes, medical decision-making, surgical simulation training, and advanced surgical techniques. He has compiled his findings and expertise into over 350 peer-reviewed journal articles, 100 book chapters, and 8 books. He serves as Deputy Editor for the Annals of Thoracic Surgery, and holds editorial board positions with several other journals. He is also the editor of Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery.

When facing a diagnosis of an asbestos-related cancer such as lung cancer or mesothelioma, it is crucial to find the right treatment right away. Contact Dr. Mark Ferguson today.



Message of Hope

Dr. Mark Ferguson firmly believes that how you start your treatment will have an impact on the total outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Mark Ferguson

You should choose Dr. Ferguson because he understands this field. One of the most important decisions that you will face is choosing a doctor who understands asbestos diseases. Many doctors have no experience with this rare disease. As a result, they misdiagnose it or mistreat it, which can lead to further problems because other specialist doctors will have to undo the damage from before. Dr. Ferguson firmly believes that how you start your treatment will have an impact on the total outcome.

With many doctors to choose, you may feel intimidated at the number of choices. You have to sit down and do your research to find the correct doctor to treat you. Once you have found the right one, you should waste no time in getting into treatment. Mesothelioma acts like an aggressive cancer, which can endanger your life because it will spread much faster.

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