About The Doctor

Nestor Villamizar

Thoracic Surgeon , Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Nestor Villamizar ranks among some of the most elite doctors when it comes to diseases related to asbestos. When he first arrived in Miami in 2014, he brought the same value with his surgical expertise that he had sharpened while at Brigham. It was in Boston that Dr. Nestor first worked with the famous thoracic surgeon Dr. David Sugarbaker, a specialist in mesothelioma.

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Building a Program

Sitting idle has never been Dr. Nestor Villamizar’s style. In fact, he is building a program similar to Dr. Sugarbaker’s in South Florida. He hopes to provide that same quality care to the people of Miami.

In the past, you could only get such care by going to Boston. Dr. Villamizar hopes he can replicate some of the best practices that he saw done in Boston. He has brought many of those practices to his patients in Florida, allowing them to stay close to home to receive some of the best care for mesothelioma.

Message of Hope

Dr. Nestor Villamizar opened the Lung Cancer Screening Clinic, which was designed to help detect lung cancer early.

Training With the Best Medical Centers

Dr. Villamizar earned his medical degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. He completed his general surgery residency at Duke University and his cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at Harvard.

Dr. Villamizar trained with Dr. Thomas D’Amico, a leader in the field of minimally invasive thoracic surgery. He also worked as chief resident under the expert guidance of Dr. Sugarbaker.

Early Detection and Quality Care

Dr. Villamizar opened the Lung Cancer Screening Clinic, which was designed to help detect lung cancer early. This clinic gives patients a better chance of surviving the high mortality rate of this devastating disease.

Once the disease is diagnosed, Dr. Villamizar offers his patients his knowledge and implementation of the best and latest practices in the fields of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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