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Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center

Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center

The primary leading cancer center in the state of Indiana, the Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center of Indiana University, is one of the most prestigious institutions in the education and research of cancer.

Based out of Indianapolis, the center boasts its superb medical faculty in residence at the esteemed Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. With their assistance, the early detection, understanding, and treatment for patients has led to greater health for thousands of people in the greater Indianapolis area.

Encompassing a wide variety of professionals, the Center goes far beyond the typical medical care associated with cancer treatment. Mental health care is an important aspect of the road to recovery and is ensured with many programs offered to all patients. The emotional stress of a chronic illness is only one aspect the medical staff attends to for over 35,000 patients annually.

Emphasizing the differences in our patients priorities and health status, the team consisting of radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons, and nurses collaboratively work to ensure the most effective means of treatment. Our uniquely endowed staff and resources make the CSCC a convenient location for all medical needs.

The great success of the center is led by an elite team of doctors with invaluable experience and knowledge in the nuances of mesothelioma and other life threatening diseases. A thoracic surgeon, Dr. Francis Sheski, specializes in minimally-invasive cancer operations.

Constantly working towards innovation in medical technology, he believes that the future of surgery involving cancer will be dominated by the use of precision lasers, leaving behind the intensive means of traditional care. Joining Sheski as an essential member of the staff is Dr. Nasser Hanna. Hanna’s clinical work has focused on the safety and application of new drugs that are used in the fight against cancer. The involvement in this research leads to advancements allowing for better treatment options and care for each patient.

Cancer treatment is as unique as each individual it tragically afflicts. The center works to create the most comprehensive and personalized treatment plan based on the cancer type and stage, but often includes targeted radiation therapy or the removal of tumors in intensive surgeries.

The spiritual well being and happiness patients is never to be undervalued. The CompleteLife program strives to empower patients with the ability to approach life in the fullest manner, regardless of their medical conditions. The support groups and therapies in the program create an uplifting community of individuals in their collective effort.

In 2006, over $30 million in funding was received by the SCC to continue the groundbreaking translational cancer research and advancements in patient care taking place. The primary contributions came from reputable organizations including the National Cancer Institute.

The ongoing support of these institutions has allowed the team of laboratory researchers to develop major advances in:

  • The effectiveness of new drugs on blood cell stimulation

  • The effects and benefits of cord blood transplantation

  • Improvements in frequently used radiation treatments

The four research programs are the home to over 190 researches ceaselessly searching for insight in the understanding of cancer and speedy detection and treatment of all patients, young and old.

Their cooperation is the backbone of excellence in modern patient care and the role model for the future of interdisciplinary research worldwide.

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