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Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

In the state of Michigan, Detroit is the number one destination for those seeking cancer treatment. Thanks to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, in conjunction with the school of medicine at Wayne State University, those suffering from chronic illness need look no further for optimal care.

Since its commencement in 1943, the institute has serves and enhanced the lives of thousands of individuals through groundbreaking discoveries and excellence in patient care. Azidothymidine was one such discovery, which has been used to treat forms of cancer and has even assisted in the treatment of AIDS. With facilities in numerous locations, there are over 5,950 new patients seen every year.


Today, lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer, a commonly known fact in the medical world.

Dr. Shirish Gadgeel, thoracic oncologist, leads the bold fight against this aggressive form of cancer with assistance from surgeon Miguel Alvelo-Rivera. Together with their team of medical professionals, they treat a wide variety of life threatening cancers and other illnesses.

Cancer treatment is as unique as each individual it afflicts. This is the fundamental understanding that the interdisciplinary team of doctors and researchers operative within to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. The team works tirelessly to produce insights in areas such as genetic mutations and patient databases to improve the road to recovery for more than 300 patients every year.

Research is at the forefront of the focus at the center, with the National Cancer Institutes support of over 690 current clinical trials and research programs working towards to speedy detection and destruction of cancer. Translational research also provides patients with updates in treatment and their recovery. The collaboration between the Institute and the University brings more than 400 of the most brilliant medical minds together, working in over a dozen multidisciplinary teams to bring the best results to patients.

Due to their work, patients all of over the nation have received benefits from the Lung Cancer Genetic Study, which has identified various genes associated with lung cancer. They have also worked to create a national database on cancer statistics.

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