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Mayo Clinic Arizona Mesothelioma Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Arizona Mesothelioma Cancer Center

With locations in over three states, the Mayo Clinic is one of the nation’s leading research and clinical care centers. The low mortality rate and continuation of current patients have brought the National Cancer Institute designate this facility as a designated cancer center.

This is also assisted by the superb, compassionate care associated with the clinic as well as the health education offered to patients. Intensive research is a priority in the hopes of improving the treatments plans and eventually eradicating chronic illnesses.

Since its grand opening in 1987, the Clinic has invited all who are in need of medical assistance the privilege of care by a world renown team of experts. Emphasising the individuality of each patient’s health, this team, ranging in specialities including radiology and thoracic surgery, treat over 85,000 cancer patients annually. Utilizing the most cutting-edge technological advances and clinical research, they are able create the most efficient and stress free path to recovery.

Mayo possesses an integrated web of facilities and specialists that work together for optimal practices everyday. This level of cooperation is the key to success as doctors are able to smoothly share their findings between themselves and patients. Prevention of disease and early diagnosis are the first, and often most important, aspect of recovery. For this reason, advancements in the accuracy and quickness of diagnostic procedures are always being revised and education forever remains important to patients and their family.

The clinic’s vast array of resources enables them to treat cancers of various forms, including aggressive lung diseases such as mesothelioma. Each treatment plan is as unique as the person it unfortunately affects.

Emphasizing Mayo’s multifaceted approach to treatment, medical oncologist Dr. Helen Ross is one of the nation’s prominent figures in the treatment of mesothelioma. Her commitment to the understanding of tumor growth and the meticulous research involved with medical advancements have made her an indispensable asset to the medical staff. Her work has improve the lives of hundreds of patients and has given many families a new beginning.

The medical advancements of tomorrow rest on the committed work of today’s clinical research. Spanning over 50 disciplines, research conducted at Mayo has caught the attention of many esteemed organizations. The National Institutes of Health has even awarded the clinic a Clinical and Translational Science Award, making it one of only a dozen facilities world wide to receive such an honor. Translational research conducted at the clinic received over $69 million in grants with aim of continuously improving patient care and quality of life.

The strong confidence placed in Mayo’s research has continued to illicit millions in grants each year.

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