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Nevada Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Nevada Comprehensive Cancer Centers

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada is known as one of the greatest cancer treatment facilities in the national, with a dozen treatment facilities within the region spanning over multiple state lines.

The center formed as two separate medical centers, the Nevada Radiation Oncology Centers and the Southwest Cancer Clinical, combine in a collaborative effort to create comprehensive treatment to those afflicted with mesothelioma and other cancers in the year 2000.

This proved to be highly effective, as intensive research completed due to this merge has helped the lives of thousands of individuals. CCCN’s humble beginnings led to its close affiliation with US Oncology, a monumental healthcare network with over 10,000 leading specialists in cancer research and treatment.

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada is a leading institution in the research and development of new, innovative treatment options and in patient care. For over a decade, UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has joined forces with CCCN for their unparalleled excellence in clinical trials and elite team of doctors and researchers. Together their work constantly provides new insights and options for patients and doctors alike.

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada contain a large network of facilities to meet the specific needs of every patient.

The Central Valley treatment center is one of the networks greatest centers in the aggressive treatment and recovery for those afflicted with mesothelioma. The center’s success begins with the former director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, who has treated patients at the center for nearly 10 years. His team of medical professionals includes pathologists and oncologists. His unique experience and dedication has attracted many patients from the surrounding area.

The Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada understands the necessity of a diverse, comprehensive team of specialists. There are nearly a dozen treatment facilities with an array of departments including diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, and even a department with Cyber-Knife technological capabilities.

The centers embody the philosophy that patient convenience and well being is of utmost importance. The complete package of resources offered to patients enable them to use the centers as their only location for medical needs ranging from pharmaceutical prescriptions to complex operations. There are a wide variety of classes that educate patients on chemotherapy or financial options, among others.

Research has remained as an invaluable asset to the CCCN team for the advancement of treatment options. CCCN has boldly taken initiative in over 170 clinical trials since 2011, in Phases between I and III.

The advancements in therapeutic options created through CCCN’s research can be attributed to the deep collaborative efforts of the partnership with the Translational Oncology Research International Network at UCLA that began in 2003.

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