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Swedish Medical Center in Seattle is a massive institution with a cutting-edge cancer treatment center. It is the biggest nonprofit healthcare provider in the Seattle metropolitan area.

SMC contains a total of more than seventy primary-care and specialty-care clinics, as well as a number of hospitals. Inside the Swedish Medical Center lies the Swedish Cancer Institute, a pioneer in cancer treatment since its conception in 1932. It was the very first cancer center to utilize radiation therapy; radiation is now used worldwide in the fight against cancer.

The Swedish Cancer Institute continues to revolutionize the way that cancer is treated through innovative surgery, clinical trials, and chemotherapy. It is one of the first cancer institutes in the northwest to utilize robots for robotic-assisted surgery. Spearheaded by Eric Vallières, thoracic surgeon, the Lung Cancer Program at Swedish Cancer Center treats a variety of chest illnesses, such as mesothelioma, esophageal cancer, and lung cancer. Numerous veteran surgeons and oncologists staff the mesothelioma treatment team, which is one of the best of its kind in the northwest.

The most common treatment at this cancer center is the use of a trimodality approach, which is a conglomerate of radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Vallières, M.D. and surgical director, is an advocate of this approach. Dr. Vallières even coauthored a study in 2009 about its success with mesothelioma patients. Alexander Farivar, M.D., has managed many of the surgeries on mesothelioma patients at Swedish Medical Center in the past years. Dr. Favriar studied under distinguished mesothelioma surgeon, David Sugarbaker, in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Favriar is accomplished in minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery, and has successfully executed the lung-sparing P/D/ (pleurectomy/decortication) as well as the aggressive EPP (extrapleural pneumonectomy) surgeries for mesothelioma patients.

At Swedish Medical Center, individualized patient care is an integral part of the approach to mesothelioma treatment. Dr. Vallières and his colleagues commit much of their time and deliberation to each patient’s individual diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that every patient is taken care of as best as possible.

Some mesothelioma patients have continued to enjoy life for years after being treated at Swedish Cancer Center. They usually accredit their existence to Swedish’s wholesome, precise, and humane approach.

Cancer care at Swedish Cancer Center is based on a “mind, body, and spirit” approach, providing care for the entire individual, rather than just treating their cancer. That’s why Swedish provides unique programs that ensure every patient’s happiness and health.

These unique programs at Swedish Cancer Institute include a variety of activities, such as:

  • Creative endeavors, such as music therapy and art to help with expressing emotions

  • Education courses to help patients as well as their families comprehend the disease and its viable treatments

  • Specialized cancer rehabilitation courses to aid the patient with regaining strength and energy

  • Counseling services for families as well as individuals to help with coping with and acception a cancer diagnosis

  • Genetic testing resources to aid patients and their families with determining their risk of developing hereditary cancers, such as breast cancer

  • Relaxing massage therapy to provide relief from symptoms such as nausea, pain, and overall fatigue

  • Specialized nutritional advice to aid patients with recovering their energy and overall health

Swedish Medical Center, a nonprofit, is proud of its ability to give back to its community however it can. Swedish Medical has even founded a multitude of programs geared to better the Seattle metropolitan area, in addition to its cutting edge cancer care and general hospital treatment. These programs are aimed towards community outreach and engagement. Charity Care, the medical center’s main outreach program, provides free or reduced hospital treatment to individuals who can’t afford it. Another community engagement program, created specifically for low-income senior citizens, provides basic medical treatments, blood pressure screenings, and free vaccinations.

Swedish has a multitude of programs constructed for low-income households. Swedish Pregnant Women Services provides support for pregnant women who have fallen ill to drug and alcohol habits to reduce the chance of the baby having health issues. There is an far-reaching domestic violence program, where staff members are trained in identifying the signs that suggest domestic violence.

They are also trained in how to handle each individual situation appropriately. Another program at Swedish trains disabled students to help them develop skills that make them employable, ushering them into the workforce.

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