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Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Since its grand opening in 1993, Nashville, Tennessee, has been blessed with the company of one of the greatest cancer institutions in the world. A leader in clinical research and patient care, the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center strives to treat all patients, men, women, and children, with the same compassion and excellence that have created its stellar reputation.

The education of patients is of vital importance in the healing process. As Tennessee unfortunately harbors some of the highest amount of cancer related deaths, the VICC is on the forefront of the fight against chronic diseases.

Being the most deadly form of cancer, lung cancer is a major focus of treatment and research completed at the center. Mesothelioma is no exception, as the center established the Thoracic Cancer Research Program, consisting of a wide range of interdisciplinary professionals, to combat these destructive afflictions.

Constantly exploring, the team frequently combines traditional approaches to treatment with aggressive, innovative plans to most effectively meet the health needs of patients.

The success and prosperity of the center is in large brought about by the great leadership of Dr. Eric S. Lambright, Veterans Affair Medical Center’s chief of thoracic surgery and lung cancer specialist. Lambright’s contribution to the medical staff also includes his rich experience and expertise in immunotherapy. In addition, Dr. David Carbone joins him with him as a specialist in cancer genetics. As a professor in areas including medicine and developmental biology, he is an invaluable asset to the team’s day to day operations.

The hospitals research program is celebrated as one of the leading institutions in the United States, having received over $150 million in funding from prestigious organizations such as the National Cancer Institute. The interdisciplinary approach to treatment and patient care have set a new standard for hospitals nationwide, as numerous private institution consistently rank VICC as one of the top 10 treatment center in the United States.

The translational research completed has assisted in the education and speedy correspondence with patients and doctors alike. A combination of traditional and innovative treatments are available to patients, including:

  • Thoracic surgery with the utilization of complex video assistance

  • Laparoscopic surgical procedures for numerous minimally invasive treatments

  • Brachytherapy, or the use of high precision, extreme doses of radiation in select areas

The research program at VICC has accomplished a sensational level of research since 2000, collecting thousands of fluid and lung tissue samples in effort to create better treatment plans. With over 250 staff members working together daily, their findings are a primary reason for over 4,300 new cancer patients and more than 60,000 outpatients each year alone. Currently conducting over 190 clinical trials, the National Cancer Institute designated VICC as the only comprehensive cancer center in the state of Tennessee.

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