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Smilow Cancer Hospital – Yale New Haven Health

Smilow Cancer Hospital – Yale New Haven Health

The Yale Cancer Center uploads only the highest quality of excellence as its reputable name would suggest.

The National Cancer Institute has given the Yale Cancer Center the distinguishment of being labeled as a Comprehensive Center. This is the only facility in Southern New England to receive this honor.

The Yale Cancer Center has succeeded in greatly reducing cancer related fatalities by using an innovative approach to treatment, supporting medical research, and providing comprehensive care to patients. By better understanding cancer, Yale can then create more effective forms of therapy.


The Cancer Center elicits over $135 million dollars in research funding each year due to the immense resource base created through the partnership between the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale and the Yale University School of Medicine.

Yale’s cancer specialists possess a uniquely, encompassing approach in their preventative measures, diagnosis, and variety of treatments for cancers. Using the modern technology, numerous different clinical programs have been created for numerous forms of cancer, such as mesothelioma. This ensures convenience for patient treatment options.

Dr. Frank Detterbeck, a specialist in malignant mesothelioma, is just one member of a comprehensive team of medical professionals including pathologists and oncologists. As one of the world’s leading doctors in lung cancer, he is currently the chief of Thoracic Surgery. His impressive network of experts include Dr. Scott Gettinger, medical research scientist Michael Kashgarian, and the chairman of the department of internal medicine, Dr. Jack Elias.

In 1974 the Yale Cancer Center was created, despite its medical faculty laying the foundation for producing the first effective form of chemotherapy more than 50 years beforehand. Yale ensures the continued health and happiness of patients with a variety of survivor programs. These programs are often invaluable resources to those who have completed treatment. YCC’s collaboration with the Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Clinic provides nutritionists, social works, and exercise therapists for patients’ continued well being and health.

All patients are given the personal attention they deserve as our team works to create a treatment plan tailored to the specific characteristics of their ailments. In addition, education in areas such as sexual health and genetic counseling are available to all patients.

As education remains an important aspect of proper cancer prevention and screening, the Cancer Center broadcasts weekly radio shows for residents statewide. Cancer specialists are generally featured explaining the most cutting-edge technology and developments in therapy to date.

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