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Dr. Eric S. Lambright

Thoracic Surgeon , Chief of Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Eric S Lambright has helped to treat a wide range of thoracic malignancies, and he has also served as the chief of thoracic surgery for the Nashville Veteran's Hospital. He used to work at Vanderbilt-Ingram, which he first began in 2004. Dr. Lambright has worked in many complex and stressful operations. Some of the surgeries that he helped to perform include intricate pulmonary and chest wall resection. In addition, Dr. Lambright has performed a few surgeries where his intent was to decrease the risk of lung failure.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Eric Lambright performs minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of asbestos-related cancers. He prefers this surgical technique because it has fewer risks, is less invasive, and has a shorter recovery period. Some of Dr. Lambright’s special areas of interest include malignant pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer.

A Message of Hope

Dr. Eric Lambright has received the 5-Star Award for Excellence in Healthcare.

Groundbreaking Research

Dr. Lambright is actively involved in groundbreaking research. Most of his studies involve novel therapies for chest malignancies. He has published eight scholarly articles on the surgical treatment of small cell lung cancer. He has also studied the risks involved in developing lung cancer. Dr. Lambright’s goal is to apply his advancements in thoracic malignancy research to his clinical practice.

Skilled Surgeon

When facing a diagnosis of mesothelioma or lung cancer, it is crucial to find the right treatment right away. With Dr. Eric Lambright, you are in good hands. He has received the 5-Star Award for Excellence in Healthcare for his clinical skill. Contact Dr. Lambright today.

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