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Dr. Jessica Donington

Thoracic Surgeon , Director of NYU Thoracic Oncology

Reputed for being a skilled thoracic surgeon, Dr. Jessica Donington has always had a special interest in advancing the understanding within the medical community on the subject of mesothelioma and lung cancer. Along with treating patients, Dr. Donington has also participated in the clinical research of the subject, which aims to improve the standards of today. The goal has been to detect the cancers and treat them before they grow out of hand.

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Education and Expertise

Dr. Jessica Donington earned her medical degree from Rush University. She completed her general surgery residency at Georgetown University and her cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at Mayo Hospitals and Clinics in Rochester. She also completed a surgical oncology fellowship with the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Donington currently practices at the University of Chicago, where she also serves as Professor of Surgery and Chief of Thoracic Surgery. Her special areas of interest include non-small cell lung cancer, early stage lung cancer in high-risk patients, multimodality therapy for locally advanced lung cancer, and lung cancer in women.

A Message of Hope

Dr. Jessica Donington ensures she is there to support her patients with mesothelioma each step of the way.

An Excellent Partner and Leader

Dr. Donington has collaborated with another skilled thoracic surgeon, Dr. Harvey Pass, in treating mesothelioma. Together, they have sought out research grants and advancements in early diagnostic techniques and treatment for mesothelioma for the benefit of their patients. In doing so, Dr. Donington ensures she is there to support her patients with mesothelioma each step of the way.

Dr. Donington continues to advocate for her patients through several leadership roles, including Surgical Chair for NRG Oncology Group, Council Member for the Western Thoracic Surgical Association and former President for the New York Society for Thoracic Surgery and Women in Thoracic Surgery.

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